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The high-waisted leather belts are a must have this season, perfect to enhance your waistline and give momentum and more elegance to yours outfit.

Our sashes are all in soft leather and you can easily tie them at the waist and make bows without worrying about them getting damaged.

How to match a leather sash

Knotting a soft high-waisted belt or sash can seem difficult at times, but with our tips, success is guaranteed.

Let's start by saying that the leather sash can be worn both with more elegant clothes , perhaps in plain colors, combining it with shoes, for example, both with a pair of jeans.

In the first case, that is with an elegant dress, the sash can be positioned under the breast and knotted with a showy bow if tied more tightly, or if tied normally it is preferable to tie it with a smaller and central bow.

How to tie a leather sash

Depending on the effect we want to achieve, we can tie the sash in different ways.

For example, you can take advantage of the length of the high belt by simply tying it and leaving the two ends of the sash falling sideways.

If, on the other hand, we want to enhance the width of the sash, in this case the knot must be made very small and hidden on the back.

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